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Vision of Sisters Fellowship International

Sisters Fellowship International is a vision given to the International president and founder, Rev. Mrs. Nches Iredu in the year 1984 at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom . It is built on two solid principles: love and appreciation.

Love : the president is a woman who loves God with all her heart. During the early stage of her married life she had problem of primary infertility. For a period of eight years she had no issue But because of the great love she has for God, she stayed faithful to God . She reasoned within herself and asked why do people worry so much for not having their physical babies, Is it not to be called Mommy and then be taken care of at their old age ?” She then entered into a covenant with God and said, “God I love you so much, even if you don't give me physical children, I will still love and serve you, please Lord give me spiritual children, cause these Souls I win for you to love me and let them call me “Mummy”, with her mind so made up, she went on serving the Lord with all her heart . When she left Nigeria and went to the university of Birmingham United Kingdom, to get her first degree, she joined a small group of very serious minded christians who also loved and worshipped God in spirit and in truth.

A time came in the fellowship and a call was made, and they were taking their request to God in Prayer. They were going turn by turn but when it came to her turn instead of making her request, she started singing a song that says “I have a God who never fails”, while she was singing the song, the presence of God filled the air, the Lord began to speak and said “my daughter, I have heard your cry, about this time next year, you will carry a baby boy”.

The Lord kept his promise and she never ceased thanking and appreciating God for remembering her. Tears of appreciation would soak her babies dress. Another time in the fellowship, a call was made for people to come out in turn and give testimonies of appreciation unto the Lord for what He has done, others came and gave theirs but when it got to her turn, she started a song that says “Then sings my soul my savior God to thee, how great thou art...” as she sang, the presence of God and His glory filled that place again and God began to speak. He said, “my daughter because you have appreciated me so much, you are yet to see my blessings, about this time next year, you will carry another baby”. God confirmed it. Today, she is blessed with four biological children and so many spiritual children who love and care for her. She is a mother indeed. God also told her that He allowed this problem in her life for a purpose. He said that through her, He would reach out to women with like conditions. He (God) made it clear that He was goung to use her to bring lasting peace into many homes, and also draw many women to a closer relationship with Him. When she came back to Nigeria, she continued her teaching career. She was winning souls for the kingdom of God.

During break time, she will gather teachers and talk to them about God. It was these three, four women that have grown into thousands of women with over three hundred chapters scattered all over the world. SFI is not a church organization and will never be one.




Mission of SFI

● To lead people especially youths and women to the saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for a better and more joyful life on earth.

● To make room for capacity-building, teaching and training youths / women to develop skills and potentials that will make them useful to themselves and the World At Large .

● To give hope and gladness to the Brokenhearted, the neglected, destitute . Giving meaning to their lives through charitable Arts

● To create an exciting atmosphere in homes that is full of God's love joy and peace thereby providing ways of building a strong family tie, thus making every member of the family relevant to the society .

● To help couples discover that marriage can be exciting and enjoyable not enduring or Warfare but sweet and blissful .

● To increase the potential for social work among ones community.


Area President  Houston Area 1  

 Mrs. Amaka Okafor

Houston Main Chapter


Area Vice President 

Houston Area 1  

Mrs. Chinenye Odinye

Cypress Chapter


Area Financial Secretary-  Houston Area 1  

 Mrs. Jane Emeharole

Fresno Chapter


Area Public Relations Officers-  Houston Area 1  

 Mrs. Chinwe Oguejiofor

Katy Chapter


President - Houston Area 1

 Mrs. Nkiru Mbonu

Richmond Chapter


President - Houston Area 1

 Ms. Chinenye Okoli

Rosenberg Chapter


President - Houston Area 1

 Mrs. Nkem Omisanya 

Mission Bend Chapter

Area President Houston Area 2

Mrs. Awele Nwankwo

Westheimer Chapter


Area Vice President Houston Area 2

 Mrs. Sheila Anyanwu

Missouri City Chapter


Area Financial Secretary Houston Area 2

Mrs. Vivian Anyanwu

SugarLand Chapter


Area Public Relations Officer Houston Area 2

Mrs. Joyce Obiagwu

New Cinco Ranch Chapter


President Houston Area 2

Mrs. Chinelo Ekwemalor

SouthEast Chapter


President  Houston Area 2

Mrs. Julia Iwuchukwu

WestPark Chapter

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